Anti-weed propaganda campaign in Colorado

Movement Against Marijuana in Colorado

The “Talk to the 6630507 Hand” Anti-Propaganda campaign was created by Amy Bourlon-Hilterbran and launched in Colorado, August 2016.
No. 6630507 is the number for a US government patent. Just one of the many patents on green mountain cbd that the United States government has held.
But this particular patent proves not only that cannabis is medicinal but also that it is non-toxic and therefore non-lethal. This one patent, number6630507, disqualifies cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act.

This one patent holds dozens of points of scientific data and research that were submitted to get the patent granted. All support and prove that cannabis has been studied for years, is medicinal, and certainly the safest drug option on the planet.
The United States government needs to remove cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act or be forced to relinquish patent no 6630507.
We know about the plant, we know about the patent.

HOW Stupid Talk to the 6630507 hand is

The “Talk to the 6630507 Hand” Anti-Propaganda Campaign focuses on individuals uniting together, which is the reasoning for the campaign using real hands to spread the message rather than graphics. Our campaign is commited to donating portions of proceeds from sales to varying nonprofits, cannabis organizations and worthy individual cannabis advocates & activists.
I’m a retired RN. I was a cardiac nurse for quite a few years. I’m on Facebook where I have several teaching groups. I learned a lot of information about marijuana especially that it can cure cancer. As a nurse I was shocked after I finally realized it was true and that marijuana can treat cancer and a lot of other diseases like Lupus, Arthritis, Diabetes, Parkinson, Alzheimer’s and just about any disease process a person can develop.

Despite all the dislike, marijuana dispensaries work for the joy of ordinary people

We also have receptors in our bodies for marijuana which mean it can put our bodies back into homeostasis otherwise if our bloodpressure is high cannabis “marijuana” will bring it back down to normal, the same thing with high blood sugar in people with diabetes. The worse part is the government has known about the benefits of this plant for over 40 years but it was made illegal in the 1930’s for somewhat ridiculous reasons although before that time it had been used by doctors and people to treat themselves for thousands of years. There are several documented video’s to prove the real story about this plant. I started this site because I want everyone to know of the benefit’s of cannabis “marijuana” oil. Every time I think of all the people I have seen die of cancer especially children and now to find out we’ve had a cure all the time but for whatever reason the government didn’t release that information to the people just makes me want to tell the world, hoping if nothing else people can save themselves.